Monday, June 14, 2010

Oil Spill Alternative Vacation

Grease got you down?  I don't mean the kind from Al's French Fries. I mean the kind in the Gulf of MAY-he-co. Well, if you had planned to take the fam on a nice holiday to Sea World Tampa or some such place, forget it. Actually, now might be THE time to go. Less crowds, etc. But I digress.
THE PLACE TO GO this summer is our house. yep. I'm not going to post the address here, BUT operators are standing by to take your reservations.....
here's why....

It is HUGE. you can tell, actually, how big it is. See that pick-up truck near the slide? That's a full sized Dodge Ram (yea, it has a Hemi). (disclaimer: in case you were thinking of getting one, it isn't THAT big).
In the event that you are actually in the market for one, we got it at W_L*Mar&. Comes in 2 boxes that juuuust fit inside Elsie (my real trk. Explorer Sport Trak. try not to judge). Tracey and I started working on it around 930 Sunday morning, and we finished right around 10pm. With breaks, I'd say that it took us about 10 and a half hours to complete. A few of the barrel nuts stripped, so we couldn't assemble the puppet show part that would make a wall just to the left of the climbing wall. Tracey called the company this morning, and they will be fedexing replacement pieces (two wooden pieces broke, too).
So be sure to call early to get your reservations in before we fill up. Plenty of parking nearby (shuttle from Tampa leaves every hour on the hour), abundant opportunities for working out while kids play (need to get about 15 more loads of dirt, and lay about 20 more rolls of sod). We have a petting zoo (1dog, 3 cats), and ample opportunity to donate blood to help save lives (of the black fly and mosquito population. no lines, no waiting, no embarrasing screening questions).

On running/Juneathon notes, the only exercise i have gotten in the past 3 days has been focused on core, shoulders, and forearms while working in the backyard. As I type, I have numbness and tingling in BOTH forearms and hands, which is fun. Let's all hope that I don't have to start any IV's or place any Foley's today!

As it is Monday, here's your chance to make it a great week. Happy Flag Day, which is also to say Happy Birthday, US ARMY. Father's Day is this coming Sunday. Don't forget. You have been warned.

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  1. Sounds like a helluva deal to me. Where do I sign up?