Thursday, June 3, 2010

Three Things Thursday, Night Shift Version

At work now, in the middle of the night. Doubled back from a day shift, and will have to come back Thursday night at 2330 for my final 8 hour shift before vacatiooooooooon! So here's my sleep deprived list for this week:
1) I am thankful for my upcoming vacation. TLW and I have taken the week off to try to get our yard back in order. She has been staring at a very much unfinished back yard every day for over a year, and she deserves to have it finished. My goal for the week is to make that happen for her. SO....if any of you are in the area this week and don't mind getting dirty......stop on by!
2) I am thankful that I learned to appreciate simple things. Well, not ALL simple things (let's not get TOO carried away here....), but simple things like I can take regular oatmeal (not the instant kind...bleck!), stick 'some' in my coffee mug, add 'some' water, and nuke it for about as much of a minute as I can stand to wait, and PRESTO!!! snack time. Sometimes it is pasty, sometimes it is watery.
3) I am thankful that I found my .mp3 player. I thought that I may have left it in the hotel in Lake Placid, and that would have been a very baaaad thing for my Half Marathon this Sunday. Lo, though, I found it!
Juneathon is underway. I've got some good stuff planned out for the 3rd and 4th (yea, right), so tune back in later to find out what exercise I did for each day. Unless, of course, you have a root canal or dance lessons or something fun like that to do. which i am certain that you do.

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