Friday, June 4, 2010

Was gonna be Fun Foto Friday.....

ok, i guess it still can be. here. har har har. check out the kiddo. he's the best part, IMHO.

but here's what REALLY has my goat this morning. are you ready? perhaps you have heard of this already. if so, i imagine that you are just as ticked off about it as I am. but then again, prolly not, as my emotional spectrum tends to only have extremes......
when i got to work tonight, a lovely email awaited me from Price Chopper, one of our supermarket conglomerates. i get them from time to time. no biggie. but today, i received this. Yep. Can you FLIPPING BELIEVE THIS????  I was so upset, I mockingly made a BUNCH of copies and left them in the breakroom at work. Most people got it, that I wasn't serious, but still. I MAY just go to Price Chopper on my way to Home Depot when i get out of work, just to see the 'show'. Dare I take photos? I got over my reaction to the coupon fairly quickly, as i tend NOT to dwell on things that upset me. (huh?) THEN, just when i thought it was safe to go back online I saw THIS on FB (well, not actually THIS, but it was an ad from this company...)......and I was once again taken aback. see that little obnoxious "F"? see belooooow it? YES! you can SIGN UP FOR A FREEEEEAAAAKKIN REMINDER.
why, oh WHY do you need a reminder?
let's examine the items in the FO-TO, shall we? suuuuure. It is Friday. Let's live on the edge. The donut appears to be Strawberry frosted. Nevermind the sprinkles; we ALL know that they have NO caloric value anyway. 230cal, 90 fat calories. 3g protein, 14g sugar, 330mg sodium. ok, fine. i expect that. now onto the beverage...i assumed LARGE iced coffee with cream and sugar. 250calories, 110 fat calories (?!), 3g protein, 35g sugar (???!!!???), 40mg sodium.
ho-lee crap-o-lee-o. just barely under 500 calories, and almost all of them 'empty' calories. let's say you indulge in the products featured in the advert. BAM! if you are trying to stay around 2000 calories per day, 25% have been sacrificed to the coffee and 'free' donut. not so free anymore, eh?
Happy Free Donut Day FRIIIIDAAAAAAAAY!!!!

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