Thursday, September 23, 2010


In reviewing my postings lately, I haven't really talked much about running. Whoops. Food and product reviews, yes. Running? Meh.
But this week i started running again. Two days in a row, and it was great. Ran in the woods again, too. I like this trail system (not the same one as the 5ks last week), but the beginning is just like running up a cliff for the first half mile. talk about getting your butt handed to you. I make deals with myself.
"ok. just keep running until that "no trespassing" sign. then walk. but don't stop moving."
"alright. this time, we're (i run alone) gonna run until the grass in the middle of the road is gone."
"almost there. pretend that Tracey is waiting at the top with no top (sorry!) an ice cold NUUN. And a ventilator. How'd she get that up here? Gotta hand it to her, she's pretty crafty!"
Once I get to the top of this hill, there is really nothing left to do but go down the other side, run around a mostly empty pond, and then head back UP, then cruise down. The 'back side' of this run is kinda spooky. I feel like I am in the middle of nowhere. You know, as in 'even if i needed to yell for help (what? no more GU?), no one would hear me anyway. Yea, kinda feel like Ripley out there. Or Bishop. But not when he gets cut in half. More like when he is doing that thing with the knife and that dude's fingers. (huh? Alien.)
Where was I? Oh, right. Space. I often expect (hope) to see deer out there, but have only seen chipmunks and squirrels (POINT! I mean POINT!). I think that the smarter wildlife can feel my heart trying to pound its way through my sternum soon after I start up the hill, so my chances of actually seeing any are slim to none, and slim just left for Kona.
Here's the elevation profile of Tuesday's run. Monday's was just up to the top of the first hill, then back down again. One day I hope to have the ability (endurance) to make it twice around. I suppose that I could do it tomorrow if I wanted to, but I have trouble allowing myself the time. The above run only took me around 43 minutes.  So lets say 90 minutes to do it twice. I need to re-read Barefoot Neil Z's post...


  1. Take care of yourself Gene! Smile today!

  2. No worries, I rarely talk about running (today was the exception).