Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Hidden Stash

My morning started out well enough: Bryce had come into bed with us around 4:30, which meant I have been awake since 4:30. This is ok, though, because it is very comforting to have 2 of my favourite people snuggled in so close and safe. The biggins were missing, but they've had their turns already...
So I was outta bed at 5:15, made coffees, and finished watching "Running", starring Michael Douglas.
What a great movie! I had never heard of it and just happened to stumble across it Sunday while scoping out the movie channels (which will be my undoing as colder weather approaches!) I found it sad to watch the movie, seeing Michael in perhaps the best shape of his life, knowing that he is now perhaps in the worst shape of his life. After the movie finished (I only had 10 minutes left!), I surfed around and found a documentary about some Olympic Athletes from the 2004 Athens Summer Games. It was toward the end and they were interviewing a female sprint cyclist, the ones who go round and round on the Roller Derby track. Massive Thighs. Holy Crap. So when THAT was done I bounced around again and landed on Prefontaine (do i really need a link here? nah.), but they were already at the Olympics, so I turned it off. Will have to check and see about recording it some day. OR....(hint hint) someone could get it for me as a b-day or Christmas gift. Just sayin'. Anyway..
So it started out to be a good day. Then something happened while I was at work, somewhere around 9:45, and my day went to Hell in a handbasket. Not from a productivity standpoint, but more from a mental outlook standpoint. I was getting stuff done, but just didn't give a rat's ass crap about it. I snuck out of the office to run an errand, and after that snuck home to see the fam. Mike was home from school, which lifted my spirits, but I didn't get to see him 'cause he was holed up in that cave he calls a room downstairs studying. I miss seeing him around.
So I went back to work. Slogged through the rest of the day, sat in on 2 conference calls, helped a friend with her school project (reviewed, commented via email), created some database forms and reports, and daydreamed (daydreamt?) about being outside. Which was easy to do since I have positioned my monitor so that  I can see out the window. That is, I can see out the window until my gum-chomping-heavy-sighing-moaning-and-groaning office mate decides to CLOSE THE BLINDS. What? Yep. You read that right. But enough complaining about things I cannot change.
In a few minutes I will change my clothes and go run on the dreadmill for a while. Can't decide how long I'll go, so I'll just let my legs determine that. A BIG HEYOOOOH! thank you shout out to Tracey for being so fexible and supportive of my hobby.
One fun thing I did do today was to take a picture of my 'stash'. Does anyone else have a stash like this?

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  1. Thanks for e-minding me I need a stash!

  2. Jamoosh, just another service that I provide.

  3. Yeah, I really need to clean out a drawer so I too can put together a stash.