Friday, September 10, 2010

I am not worthy

I was going to post something funny here for Friday, but Adam beat me to it. He said that Red told him about it.
Many thanks to both of you. Here is the direct link. (note: make sure you have peed already, AND that you are not drinking a hot or carbonated beverage while viewing this). seems that I have ruffled some feathers, and that was not my intent. I incorrectly (but meant NO harm or foul) called Jamoosh a 'beer snob', to which he has seemingly taken offense. Please allow me to re-label him as a beer 'enthusiast'. To wit:

"Moi? Daggers to my heart. Two things. First, I believe every beer has its place. Contrary to popular belief I don’t drink a whole lot of beer, or alcohol for that matter. Thus, when I do enjoy a brew it must be flavorful and it must bring me a modicum of joy. Therefore, I prefer the beers brewed by craft breweries over their mass produced brethren. Second, I am going to let you in on a little secret. Lone Star. Yup, that’s right. On the rare occasion I need an ice cold beer that goes down easy and fast, I choose The National Beer of Texas. No beer snob would dare pick up a Lone Star."

Hmm. the only Lone Star THIS beer snob has ever heard of was last seen travelling through space with a Druish Princess ("funny, she doesn't look Druish").
For those of you looking for a good movie to re-watch, Spaceballs is a great go-to movie for a rainy friday night and a plate of (organic, of course (HA!)) nachos. And maybe a Lone Star.

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  1. All is forgiven! And indeed, what could be better on a Friday Night than Sapceballs!