Friday, October 8, 2010

mizfitonline, oh, and a fun photo

I am in a class today called "let's hold hands, sing Kum-ba-ya, and feel better about being a leader". honest.

Ok. not really. i lied. But it is much like that, and, surprisingly, I am finding it interesting. This means, however, that I am not able to hang out online in the comfort of my office. It does NOT mean, though, that I have nothing to offer today.
I am honoured to announce that I was asked to be a guest blogger over at mizfitonline. (Wait for the link.) So go there, cruise around after reading my post and the comments, and show MIZ some blogoshpere love. She's a great gal. One of her tag lines is "unapologetically myself". How great is THAT!? The link? oh, right.
Be well. I'll hopefully be able to get online tonight or over the weekend and put together something astounding that will keep you coming back for more. Meanwhile, I leave you with this offering for Friday Photo. It was only one of a bunch of sketches that I saved from an email I got about a year ago. I love the creativity!
check out the fly on the far left....


  1. Julie, THANKS. yea, i loved the flies. see below for more:

    ok.i shoulda done this before, but go ahead and google "dead flies art". again, make sure that you empty your bladder FIRST.

  2. wandered over here from mizfit as my fiance and i are also doing vegas ... but only the half-marathon. the information is much appreciated, thanks!