Tuesday, October 19, 2010

some catching up to do

I have not run since last sunday, so if you are interested in reading about me running, skip this post. Better yet, when you log off, go do some plyometric skipping. you know, 30 yards for height, 30 yards for distance, lather, rinse, repeat. And maybe some hopping.
Alrighty then.
A long, long time ago, back in the spring, i think, I signed on to test a shirt over at Stink at Nothing. As soon as i got the shirt, i started using it. I used (actually, still USE) the shirt as a t-shirt under a dress shirt, as a running shirt, and while moving tons and tons of dirt this summer while building the amusement park in our back yard. Through all of it, the shirt held up fabulously. I noticed that one side (right) didn't really smell, while the left side did get kinda stinky. While shopping for kid's flip flops this summer, we ended up choosing 2 pair of flip flops that use the same Agion technology that is in the shirt. I haven't gotten close enough to them to see the level of stink, but I am not grossed out like i have been in the past, so.....win!
I wore the shirt during the VT Remembers 10k back in September. Here's a picture from that event:
the boys were pretty shagged after the event, so we camped out in the shade for some time. meanwhile, my sis and i hammed it up with our NUUN bottles. maybe someday i'll ask them to 'sponsor' me. does anyone have any experience with NUUN's sponsor program? they do events, groups, individuals, etc. hmmm....

What's on tap for the fall, you ask? well i plan on ramping up my indoor running. i think that i am in a good place mentally to be getting to work early and going for a run on the dreadmills. i'd like to try a spinning class or two, but am totally 'afraid' that i will get addicted....
I have been asked by two women who i work with to help them to make healthful changes in their lives. i was surprised by the first inquiry, and doubly surprised by the second. my wife doesn't think that i should be all that surprised. if i thought about it for very long, i am sure that i would agree with her, but i just like to be surprised, so...i'll leave it at that.
it carries two things for me; fear and excitement. both trigger very similar physiologic responses, to no surprise that i feel both, right? good. so. now i'm a role model. i guess i have been for a while, but now it has turned into something.
very interesting. i'll keep you posted.
I am also thinking of getting my town to host a 5k race in concert with their 250th b-day celebration next year. what's more, i want to start a c25k program for adults, with the 5k race being the goal for the program. could be one of the hardest things that i have done, but i am very excited about it!
well, that about catches you up. thanks for tuning in, and feel free to offer advice in the comments, or send me an email and give me pointers about organizing a race from the ground up (hint hint, Barefoot Neil Zee...)
peace, yo!

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  1. How exciting to be (maybe) organizing a 5K. It's great idea. I think you should do it. But can you please explain to me why you only get smelly on one-half of your body? I suppose you could save on soap.