Sunday, October 31, 2010

pre Halloween report

sure, why not?
totally not in our normal way of doing things, this year we ended up waiting until almost the last possible second to carve pumpkins. this was B's first Halloween where he was actively involved with the setting up of decorations and picking out his pumpkin and it's design. i can't wait for next year already!
last week or so i decorated our side deck:
I went into the woods near our house and lopped off some dead branches from a fallen pine tree. used zipties to secure them to the posts. i managed to stretch one package of webbing across the whole thing, so that was pretty sweet. the skull on the table has a light underneath it, and it glows in the dark. nice sky, too.
Several years ago i took some scrap plywood that had been lying around and cut some shapes out of them. Graves stones, a sinister pumpkin, some arms, a cat, and a snowman. these we place in the front yard, on the hill. We mix in some ghosts on a stick, then add some eyeball lights. The picture doesn't do it justice, but here it is anyway:
note the ghosts in the window. we put a strobe in the room behind them. very cool effect!
are you ready for some obligatory pumpkin carving photos? well, i shall not have you wait any longer...
here we are, 'eating' the 'guts'

note the stern concentration on my face. you'd think it was neurosurgery
looks like Z is trying to hide behind B. yea, not gonna work
there are 5 of us, so we had 5 pumpkins. trouble was, M was working and wouldn't be home until too late for us to wait, so T carved a pumpkin in his honor. Here are 4 of them, lined up on the front steps, which we never use.
l to r they belong to B, T, 'M', and Z. where is MINE, you ask???
surprisingly, it was a big hit among the other family members!
be sure to tune in again either tonight or tomorrow, when i'll have pictures of the kids dressed up and some other things. i hope. thanks!


  1. Wow, that is some excellent carving! Next time pace some "empty" beer bottles next to your puking pumpkin - the drunkin' punkin'!

  2. Oooo... spooky deck! But are you sure that plastic sheeting is just for pumpkin carving? You're not a cereal killer, are you? Ya, I said CEREAL...with a "C".

  3. I love Halloween but the day I never have to carve a pumpkin will be a wonderful day. Kinda like the last time I played that interminable game Chutes & Ladders.

  4. Vomiting pumpkin, sweeeeeet.
    Cute kid.
    Looks totally normal. Takes after your wife....??
    Seriously, very very cute kid.
    Also, nuum badge ROCKS