Monday, November 1, 2010

the gym at work has undergone some renovations over the past month and has been unavailable for staff. i was really torn up about that, especially since I LOVE the dreadmill rubberband of doom modern torture device just as much as the next armchair runner does.
**aside: as i type, Z is watching ESPN in the living room. they are highlighting some football guy named Randy Moss. I don't really know who he is, or why we care so much about what he has to say, but his interview/press conference really struck a chord with me. please allow me to rant....
Apparently he was fined $25K for 'not talking to the press'. see article here, if you are really interested. i haven't read it. my blood pressure can only go so high before i might have a CVA. nevermind. i couldn't find an intelligent article. suffice to say that contracts require that players:  "must make themselves available to the media at specific times each week. Moss last spoke to the media on Oct. 13, then declined interviews after a win over Dallas on Oct. 17, throughout last week leading up to a loss at Green Bay, and after the defeat. Moss also declined to be available this week despite being in high demand because the Vikings visit New England, for whom Moss played the past three seasons."

Sure. great. whatever. you didn't talk to the press, you should pay a fine. that part i am ok with. but what he SAID during the press conference has my knickers in a knot. The fine was $25k. I dunno about YOU, but a fine of $250 dollars would make my head spin. His comment was something along the lines of "i don't care".
did he really say that? and WHY are we running the conference over and over? Hey, Moss, sit down, and shaddup already.
I imagine that if you take a look at the average income for NFL fans, and then told them that they had to cough up $25,000, it would pretty much put most of the families into hardship. No mortgage payments, no car/truck/4 wheeler payments, no extra trips to wal-mart...oh, wait. am i confusing NFL fans with NASCAR fans? whatever. 
And can ANYBODY tell me, please, where this fine money goes? According to espn, last week over a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS were collected in fines from NFL players. IN ONE WEEK. Clearly, the 'fines' and punishments aren't steep enough. But where, oh where, does the money go? Anyone?

ALRIGHT, my aside turned into my main rant. sorry about that. i gotta go take dinner out of the oven now, so my story of the first run back on the dreadmill will have to wait for tomorrow.



  1. I believe, per agreement with the Player's Union, that is goes into some fund to help with retired player's medical needs...or something like that.

  2. Wait, can I get fined for blogging? if so - WORTH IT! :)

    I'm always amazed at those fines too. I mean, they make a lot of money - but still....eeesh!