Tuesday, November 30, 2010

see that photo up there?

For a while I have thought that there was too much wasted space above the dinner. The books and all are nice, but it detracted from the subjects. I dropped it into MSPaint, and cropped it down to the above image.
Well.....for me, that just changed it ALL around. Why? No worries, I'll explain.
The Patriarch is my Mom's Dad, who we called Pop-pop, or just Pop. In my mind's eye he looked like Picasso. The kids above are (l to r) my cousin Sandy (my sr. by 3 months), my sister, Weeb...umm..errr...Lynette (younger than me in terms of the calendar, but much wiser), me (with my fly-away collars), and my cousin Shannon (Sandy's sister, younger than me by 3 years, i think...).
so what? well, it has been two days since i started this post. so? well, when the original picture was there, I paid more attention to the books and such, and less to the people.
Now, however, my attention is drawn to the word "accountability", Pop's facial expression, and my cousin Sandy's face and hand. The whole thing looks to me like Pop is trying to hold her accountable for something, and she is trying to deny culpability. well, if you knew the things that are going on in her life right now, you would understand that this is really funny, and if Pop were here, he WOULD be trying to hold her accountable, and she would be trying to deny culpability. Her sister, Shannon, down in the corner there, seems to be saying to the camera...are you flippin' KIDDING ME????? (which i think she says more often than not as things relate to Sandy. I know I do....)

so i give you this example to point out that often when we think we have seen all that there is to be seen, a simple change in perspective may open up that you hadn't noticed before. apply this to life, work, love, family, running, training plans, all that stuff........


  1. I see it. Your Pop's expression. After all of that time, I think you have created the perfect picture for your blog. Accountability describes it all!

    Love the fly away collars.

  2. Sandy (the cute blonde next to Pop)December 1, 2010 at 7:59 AM

    I love this picture! Pop was such a wise man. I wish he were hear to give some advice. But you are right. He held EVERYONE accountable for their actions. As far as the stuff going on in my life, the timing is not what I had hoped for but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I think both Pop and Mame would be thrilled that my granddaughter's name is going to be Lillianne (after Mame's middle name of Lillian). I have to agree with a friend's sign that she had hanging in her cubicle years ago "If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it!" Love Ya!