Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gene's Test Kitchen

As i am certain that most of you know, I have been spending quite a bit of time on Twitter these days. Not at night, just during the day. And not on weekends, just during the week. What does that mean? Yes, I tweet while working. While this might not be the BEST use of my time, I can assure you there are some work things involved. How can that be? Simple.....I am one of the most active (pun intended) people on our Wellness Committee, and have taken on a project (ok, not just taken on. I came up with the flippin' idea) of putting together a cookbook of healthy foods. Well.....a quick walk through the halls should have clued me in that I wouldn't be getting very many healthy ideas, if you know what I mean. So we opened it up to just be a cookbook, 'sponsored' by the Wellness Committee.
Being the nice guy that i am, i tweeted that i was looking for some good recipes for the cookbook. why not share some tweetie, blogger love, right? Cathy from Planet Veggie and Jog-Blog sent me a recipe for some great peanut-butter bars which i reviewed here. Those will be included for sure. She also sent me a recipe for some great soup, which I made but didn't review. Suffice to say, it was GREAT. Even our 13 year old liked it. WIN~
Then one day I got caught up in a conversation between @MMNorthDallas and (i think...) @hotlegsrunner about a Pita Pizza. (note to people who don't tweet: start tweeting. ok, more serious note: the "@" is how twitter identifies it's users. you could type ClifBar in a sentence to talk about a bar, but if you type @ClifBar, you are talking about the company, or the user. clear as mud? moving on now...) Since i am interested in pizza, and different kinds of pizza, i jumped in and asked for the recipe. Jason was gracious enough to send it to me, and I was very excited to try it out. TWO WEEKS LATER, i did.
Jason has a tab on his web sited called "Athlete's Plate". Head over there for the recipe (if you have trouble, either tweet me (@boutdrz) or email me and I will get it to you) and give it a try. Very basic, very tasty. I altered it a bit, but it was pretty much the same. I have no way of grilling chicken (HORROR!), so that wasn't on it. I don't like the smell of broccoli in the oven, so that was off. Instead of using a bunch of the single ingredients, I opted for some fresh Taboule (my new BFF). Next time, though, I'll need to squeeze some of the water out so that the pizza is crispier.
Are you dying to see it yet???? ok. here are the before and after shots that you have been salivating over:
BEFORE it went in the oven.
the 15 minutes that it takes to make this were excruciatingly loooong. i was hungry. i had already made chicken wings for Z, nuggets for B, and nachos for T. T had made brownies in the middle of all of that, and now it was my turn. whew. we had been shopping, and for almost 2 hours after our return, T and I never left the kitchen.seriously. good times, and no one got hurt (although we did put the hurts to some FOOD!)
ok. without further ado, here is the after. it says it all, i think. give this a try. YOU WILL LOVE IT!
about 10 minutes AFTER it came out of the oven.
So if you have some good ideas, feel free to send them along!


  1. Yep. 15 minutes is waaay to long to wait for food. I agree. I don't cook much - due to fire hazards and poisonous dangers that I might inflict. But today? I am making a whole roaster chicken in the crockpot. Now THAT, I can do.

  2. Goodness gracious! My comment posted as Tyrone! LOL! I better log out of that stupid Goggle account. Sorry! It's me. It's Josie that causes poisonous dangers, not fake-azz Tyrone. LOL!

  3. bwahahahaha! that's a funny last pic! I was expecting it looking all toasted and ready to eat. I guess I missed it. I'll be making mine next week. =)

  4. That pizza looks AWESOME. I will definitely have to give it a try.

  5. Nice job on making the vittles. I will be pointing out that the recipes can be adapted to taste on my next Athlete's Plate and point to your link here. This is great and thanks for taking pics.

    I welcome any of your readers to send me an idea, ingredient, theme and I will work on a menu revolving around that. I am doing a vegetarian menu this week for Diana-Tris-A-Tri

  6. I'm so bad about reading tweets. Seriously, I just do my own tweets but rarely have time to read others! If I would have read your tweet I would have recommended Alton Brown's squash frittata. I made it last night and it was AMAMAMAZING!

    So, tabouleh on a pizza?! This is crazy, but sounds delicious. Clearly it was....gone in ten minutes. Nice.

  7. Hahahaha, love the after photo! Can't wait to see more recipes :)

  8. I'm not a twit yet. Maybe one day.

  9. NITMOS!! that's two comments in a row. i am honoured. truely. welcome back to the web. you have been missed. here, lemme buy you a pizza...oh, wait. damn. well, welcome back anyway. I hope you are well.

  10. Jason, thank you. It is fun to try out new things every so often.
    Gina, glad to see you here! You really should try the pizza.
    Tyron, we've got to stop meeting like this! ahaha!
    Pretend, welcome to the blog!
    Julie, i am glad you appreciate the humor! whew...