Friday, November 19, 2010

it is Friday again...

and you know what that means, boys and girls...oh wait. i mean LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. NOT boys and girls.
so i have a MO going. about a week or so ago, Rachael over at said on Twitter that I looked like a p e d o phi le because of it. rats, i can't find the tweet. anyway, i told T about it, and she cracked up and then AGREEEEED with her. then she told one of her friends, and SHE agreed, too. now her kids can't come to the house. just kidding abou that part. but her friend DOES agree...
what? hmmmmmm....not really showing the MO love.
then today i read Steve's blog where he shaved off his beard. here is one of the pictures and the caption (i kid you not. go check it out for realz. I'll wait......):
"Then I trimmed it down to "pedophile" length:"
 Whaaaaat? HEY!!! that looks like MINE!!!! this is SO not fair. Now, just because i took this picture (below) while i was sitting in my truck while it was parked behind a hotel yesterday, DON'T JUDGE ME. See??? there are WINDOWS in the truck. It isn't some broken down chevy van parked down by the river....and oh, never mind the rain coat hanging off the back of my seat.....move along now.....

like my darth vader tie? i knew you would.....
 so there, i hope you had a good laugh at me. BUT to let you know that I am not really nuts, here is another picture, or at least a screen shot, of some work that Teri (my Garmin) did for me this late summer. I wore her OUT! while i mowed the lawn:
no, actually you won't see it here. at least not NOW. why????


I paid my bill and everything. I swear. what the heck? anyway, tune in again some other time, after i feed blogger some chocolate, and i'll have some suggestions for alternate uses for your garmin. Yes, you can thank me now, if you'd like.


  1. yes, I am liking the tie! I hope you were parked r stopped when you took that photo though. LOL! =)

    *Please read my blog post for today. I am shamelessly plugging it coz I REALLY don't want YOU to miss it. Check it out and you'll understand why =)

  2. Love the tie. Except that in combination with the mustache, you're not helping your cause. (At least it wasn't a Sesame Street tie.)

  3. You are so funnnnny!!!! The stach looks...nice. hehe, yes, I definitely think of scary pedophiles when I see the two pictures above. Sorry, the mustache does that to men!
    Blogger does suck sometimes. Every once in a while it makes my font really large, even though I haven't done it myself. It's annoying as heck.

  4. Julie, thank you for including me....
    Pretend, yea, that seems to be the concensus!
    Gina, heyo! i hope that the pictures don't give you bad dreams!

  5. Ok, Gene, you totally look like a p e d o phile Gerald McRaney there. Remember him? He's way older than you, but, if he were younger and liked kids and Star Wars, yep, that's who you'd look like.

  6. for those of you who are too young....

  7. I can't really see the tie...but I'll take your word for it. Nice to know you can bribe blogger with sugar to cooperate!! Happy weekend!

  8. A little Mr Holland in your pic Gene.

  9. And i'll get that travel bug placed asap... tell the owner not to wet their panties... sheesh.

  10. Well if I hads a Garmin, I thank you profusely. But since I don't own a Garmin, I'm bitching about it.

  11. Dude Steve's is way damn creepier than yours. I don't know if it's the glasses or the seriously look but I wouldn't let that dude within 100 yards of my house even if he wasn't packing candy.

    You don't look THAT creepy Gene ;)

  12. Just got around to blogger and checkin' out the posts ... and I just about peed when I saw Steve's stache. Yours is not quite as chimo as his. Don't know what a chimo is, urban dictionary it. You'll really like that one.

  13. I don't think you look like a Ped -- I think you look handsome! I mean this in the nicest way possible (truly!!) -- I think a mustache looks better on men older than a certain age. Yours isn't creepy at all!

  14. Bwaahahahahahaha. This is a great post. (although, for the record, I didn't see the pedo connection that Steve was talking about)