Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Brief Interlude


Just deleted a long paragraph of nothing. Move along……

In other news, I received some mail yesterday. I could NOT wait to tear into the package (once I got the tripod set up….)DSCN0817See? I didn’t even get the framing correct! (wanna borrow a dvd? we probably own it) I was so psyched to get mail from Josie over at !! She has been very influential to me along my fitness journey, and is just a HOOT! Head over to her web site and read all about her, her greedy kids, and her hubby. So what was in the envelope?

DSCN0819Not instructions on how to better frame pictures while using the self timer, I can assure you. Nope! It was a pack of Shakeology! They’ve recently released a new flavor, “tropical strawberry”! This is their third flavor offering (the other two being chocolate and greenberry). Tropical strawberry is VEGAN, but the other two are…omnivorian. Read more about each here (yes, I am a new BeachBody Coach. More about that in another post.) I am very excited to be able to try this out. About a year or so ago Josie let me try the chocolate flavor, too, and it was great!

Lots of things have been going on in my head these days, and I appreciate you stopping by. I’ll be posting about these things soon, and perhaps they’ll help you feel a bit less neurotic. (what? you DON’T feel neurotic? I knew it was only me….crap.)

Running has been going GREAT lately, thanks to Tracey for letting me get a treadmill and to Adam’s coaching. The dude is merciless. (not really).

Alright. Off to start getting ready for work. Have a GREAT humpday!!!


  1. Sorry to tell you. You are not the only neurotic person out there. :)

  2. Oh my gawd, I love you extra-more that I did 5 seconds before clicking over here. It's the pics. It's, which reminds me of myself. We are the same-ish! "Meeting Gene in person". I just put that on my bucket list. xo

  3. She is a HOOT for sure! Love the pic as well. I love Shakeology!