Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Home based workouts and 2 cents.

This question showed up in my stream yesterday, and instantly I wanted to reply. So I wrote a brief reply that begged for a deeper explanation or discussion, so I have decided to write that here. Feel free to comment, as I am open to other opinions, even if they are contrary to my beliefs. (no, really, I am. just try to make them well thought out. I hate automatic gainsaying.

As an adult, I am a BIG FAN of personal responsibility and accountability. As my family knows, I try to impress this view on people beginning at a fairly young age. This makes me come across as a bit of a hardass, and I'm ok with that. There are many common expressions that I just don't agree with: "Life is Good." Nope. Life is what you make it. "Dreams come true." Nope. Goals are achievable
Aren't you glad you aren't living in my house? 
In any case, as far as the topic of home-workout programs leading to serious injuries? Of course they can. It is a WORKOUT PROGRAM. This is why the videos have disclaimers on them like this:
Yes, this is taken from a BeachBody video. More about that later, but i thought it particularly important to show since thier P90X is referenced in the article on This particular warning is on one of their lower intensity programs. I can assure you that it is also on their higher intensity programs as well.
Does this absolve the company? I think so. 
Cigarettes have warnings. Roller Coasters have warnings. Hell, even the coffee cup from McDonald's has a warning. Hello, don't use your hair dryer in the shower, stupid. 
Also, if you are a person who has been inactive for many moons been leading an unhealthy lifestyle, why in your right mind would you expect that you could leap off the couch and do ONE pull up, let alone a series of them while moving side to side P90X style? You might as well run onto the field during an NFL game and expect to score the winning touch down!! Oh, and then don't forget to blame the NFL for your stupidity.
Beginners need to start at the BEGINNING. Read the first sentence in the warning above. Sound familiar? Yep, pretty much seen on MOST IF NOT ALL exercise videos, commercials, handouts, gym waivers, etc.
Personal accountability. Just do it.
And if you can't, then work with a coach. Sure, some people can't afford a personal trainer. I get that. But can they afford an injury? Can they afford to workout and NOT have a trainer? Maybe, but probably not, especially if they are beginners.

Begin at the beginning. Don't jump into the deep end before you can blow bubbles with your face in the water and not choke. Baby steps.

That's all I have time for today. I welcome your comments below!
peace, yo!

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  1. Hi Gene

    Just read this post and it struck a chord. An old post of mine ( in the concept of preconditioning muscles BEFORE you start your exercise program. It requires you to make an honest appraisal of your body and who to go to for help. Obviously the recommendation of an osteopath is going to be difficult in the States!

    But the assessment is your responsibility. Start where you can and build up. If your plan is to run a marathon you may have to start with walking and stretch and build up. If you weight makes walking to painful for your knees then maybe swim.

    There is nothing to stop you exercising ever, Its just choosing the right level to start at.