Friday, March 30, 2012

Cleanse Video Review

Most of you already know that I am a big fan of being fit. You also, by now, probably know that I am a skeptic. I don't really give much creedence to things like Ab-Rollers, Shake Weights, or (I just know that Mr. Norris is going to be waiting for me in the parking lot) that body sled thing that he created. Maybe that last one has some good points to it, actually, but not the other two. Shake weight? Really? No thanks.

Anyway, I have spent MANY sleepless nights and parts of nights wide awake on the couch, cruising through informercials. Of course, the P90-X/Insanity ones catch my interest. Why? Because to me, they make sense. Anyway, I have decided to make the leap and become a BeachBody Coach. I can already see some of your heads shaking, muttering something like, "Really?" Yes, really. I'll go into my "why" in another post. I do, however, PROMISE not to turn this blog into a big commercial for said products. Honestly.

That having been said, BeachBody's main meal replacement product, Shakeology, has a 3 Day Cleanse that you can do, so I did it. I am not big on people who promote things that they don't actually use, so i figured that i should probably try this out.
Reader's Digest version is that I liked it. It was simple. I didn't go through as much Charmin as I thought I would. I had plenty of energy, and it was ALL NATURAL. The only variation I did was that I continued to have my morning coffee. In it, I put less than 1tsp of raw sugar, and about a tsp of soy creamer. But I only had one per day, where i usually have 2 or 3.
A side 'benefit' is that I lost weight. I've been hovering around 165-168 for months. I'm ok with that, but with running season upon me, I was trying to get closer to 160. The morning of Day One, I weighed in at 165.4. The morning of Day 4 (which really isn't one of the days), I weighed in at 161.2. Same clothes, same scale, same time of day. Yes, it was mostly water weight. Yes, it will be interesting if I am able to maintain that weight. Yes, I will keep you posted. Yes, individual results will vary, blah blah blah.
So, as part of your usual FUN PHOTO FRIDAY, i give you a fun VIDEO friday. it is a review, but done in MY STYLE, not...well....just watch, if nothing else than to hear what i sound like and to see part of my house.
Link HERE.

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  1. I never realized serious runners pay attention to weight during the season. Makes sense. Now I'm extra happy this worked out for you! In my own 3-day cleanse, I lost 7-pounds and then 2 pounds came back. So that's a 5 pounds net which I cannot complain about at all! You make me laugh, Gene. heeeeeeee