Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Attention to detail…

SQUIRREL! I swear there are only like 999,000 things going on in my head, but you would THINK that I could keep track of simple details, right? image, cartoon, wallpaper, movie, dogWell, this isn’t exactly how it happens for me. I like to think that I am able to keep things straight most of the time, but if you only look at today as an example, you probably wouldn’t let me be on your Code Team. (Mind you, I make an EXCELLENT Code Team member). Here’s what happened today, and see if this has ever happened to you.

I have a half marathon coming up, and have been stressing out a bit about my wife not being able to come because she’s coaching T-ball. The race finishes about 1 mile from the field, but the roads will be closed, so she’d have to drive 3 miles out of the way, fight for parking, and hopefully get to see me as I collapse at the finish. Then I figured oh well, that’s just the way the Gu crumbles. Then, today, for some reason, I decided to double check the start info, etc. Yea. THE RACE IS THE DAY AFTER T-BALL. so. no conflict. silly details…..

Then tonight, as I was making an experimental Chai Banana Bread that I read about on….someone’s….blog, I had to mix a buncha the spices, as the recipe called for. Then I dumped the whole mixture into the batter. Stir stir stir….YUM! THEN I double checked, and I was supposed to save out 1/4 tsp for the glaze, which I wasn’t going to do. So..yea. BAM! all the spices into the mix! Silly baking…..

Perhaps most importantly, though, was that I overlooked the details that my running coach, Adam, had written for today’s workout. I proceeded to run 3 miles at 9:00, then attempted 4 miles at 7:15. It killed me to try to keep that pace. I could hold it for about half-three quarters of a mile, but then it felt like my heart was going to bust through my rib cage. So I’d jog until my heart rate got back into the 150’s, and then have another go at it. When I’d fall short, I’d curse myself, doubt myself, and then plug onward. It turned out to be a nice run, but…KILLAH! When I got home to update Dailymile and my training spreadsheet, I noticed that my fast speed should have been 7:45. That’s right. HALF A MINUTE SLOWER. Maybe I wouldn’t have thought I would die. Again, details.

Lesson learned? Probably not. Just another batch of stories to tell along with the others. Stay tuned for more….

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