Thursday, May 3, 2012

Carrot or Stick?

Which one are you? Also, which one do you need? I offer that we are all both, and need both, at some point. Further, there are days when I need both at the same time, for different reasons. It can be a difficult balance, but when that balance is achieved, great things can happen.

By now you may be saying, “wow. Gene has really lost it. quick, someone give him a piece of carrot cake!”

For me, carrots include family, running goals, endorphins, clarity of mind, and emotional release. Among my sticks are family, genetics, feelings of humiliation, setting a good example, and old habits. Take a few minutes to think about yours. Doesn’t have to be right now; could be on a run, during a yoga session (c’mon. who REALLY thinks about nothing during yoga?), during a commute, or instead of counting ceiling tiles. Jot them down. Add them to Evernote. Blog about them. Tweet them. Email them to a confidant(e). Post them here! Be anonymous if you’d like.

I believe that we can ALL benefit by sharing our carrots and sticks. Chances are that we have many of them in common. We can build on those strengths and use them to our collective advantage. I’m not looking to reinvent the wheel here; there’s nothing wrong with the wheel. But not all wheels fit all vehicles; choices are good. I believe that it is good to have options; you just never know where your next carrot may come from.

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