Thursday, May 3, 2012

Common Thread

“I really started running for meditative purposes. I would pick some problem to have in my head while running - not for the purpose of solving it, but for the purpose of having it bounce around in there. Like when you say you're going to sleep on it; I say I'm going to run on it. Then at some point later on, a solution falls out.”
Biz Stone, cofounder of Twitter (Men's Health, May 2012)

Sound familiar? Could you apply this to you and one of the reasons you work out? I sure can! This quotation (not ‘quote’, as quote is a VERB) showed up from Runner’s World this morning. Admittedly I’ve been deleting them without reading them for quite some time. Don’t know why today was different, but I decided to open it and read.

Glad I did, too. Today’s quotation reminds me of another, similar one: “Running won’t solve your problems, but you’ll both feel lighter when you finish.” –can’t remember who said it. I especially found it interesting that Biz is a runner, too. I am always intrigued to learn about other people who run and hear about their ‘why’.

For all decisions that we make, we make them based on a ‘why’. I’d love to hear some of our why’s. Doesn’t have to be related to running or working out! Lemme hear about any why you care to share.



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