Sunday, December 9, 2012

Virtual Review of Virtual Running Coach

my buddy Adam (@theboringrunner and The Boring Runner) has teamed up with some guy named Chad to create a Virtual Running Coach. No, seriously. Who knew that Adam could do this sort of thing?
Well, I had a sneaky suspicion that he is capable because he was my online running coach last winter/spring, and he's also been very quick to answer my techy questions about Access, Excel, and how to open a bottle of wine with your teeth.
I had seen a posting on The Twitter about his latest creation, but kinda ignored it because it is only available on the iOS. I don't have any of those machines, so why would i look into it? I mean, it isn't like I'm going to go drink the iKool-ade anytime soon. Since some of you already have, I thought it would be a nice gesture if I gave you a virtual review. By this i mean that I have taken the time to read through the product information enough to tell you that you would be silly NOT to download this app. I mean, it is cheaper than a Venti double de-caf half calf with a twist of lemon, and it will stay with you much longer to boot. For the low low price of $1.99 (that's right!) you, too, can own this gem of an app.
Here's what your hard earned greenbacks will get you (from their site
App Features:
-- Customizable half and full marathon plans
-- Specify specific race date and plan will generate based on that
-- Select base miles/KM per week
-- Adjustable difficulty level / speedwork
-- iPhone reminders available to remind you when to run
-- Specific detailed description of each run
-- Running tips to help you be your best
-- Store run results inside the app
-- Share runs on Twitter
-- Analyze runs with reports on weekly, monthly, yearly basis
-- Calculate pace
-- Metric Distance Support

HEYOOO~! All that? (hmmm...i am a bit thirsty...)
What? You want screen shots? How about Jell-o shots? I can't help you with those, but here are some screen shots, again, from their site:

What more could you want from a Virtual Coach? I can't think of anything, really, and I can't wait until this comes out in Droid. I hear tell that the code isn't translatable into the Droid OS (whatever the hell THAT means), so the developer (Chad) would have to rewrite the code from scratch. So we'll just have to wait.
To sum it all up, if you are searching for a Virtual Running Coach for your i(insert product here), I strongly suggest that you go download this app NOW. Since this is the season of giving, if you know of someone on your list who is a runner and iKool-ade drinker, why not gift this to them (is 'gift' really a verb, or is that just some recent bastardization of English. like "work", as in, "He stopped by my work to give me some flowers.") In either case, GET THIS APP. you'll be glad you did.
Be Well,


  1. Nice advertisement for Adam. Even though these programs already exist, kudos to Adam for bringing it to a mobile device.

  2. Thanks for the shout out. I've gotten a few requests for an Android version. I've only written one Android app, and it went okay. I'll do some research to see how hard it would be to port this code over.