Tuesday, July 7, 2009

attempted distraction

while the drama unfolds in the kitchen.....

the recap of the Saturday evening 5 mile run is as follows.........

I got a hair across my butt early in the afternoon that i didn't want to go to fireworks in Woodstock, and grace provided me the out that i wanted.
So I drove to the PO and started to run toward Glenn Rd. Not liking the idea of running on pavement for so long, i went anyway.
At one mile, i was 10 seconds better than what i thought i would be. Got to the bank in 7:50. Nice, but i was concerned that i wouldn't be able to keep the pace for the whole run.

A little breezy, so i doffed my hat as a crossed into NH. The river was (and still IS) high because of the rains that we have had (and continue to have).
I wasn't sure about the next step, but i kinda jumped outside of my 'box' and took a quick right after the bridge, laughing at the 'State Property Keep Out' sign(s). I am SUCH a rebel...
Interesting things being stored back there. I wonder if he EPA knows that they are so close to the RIVER. Anyway, i kept on running, wondering, too, if i was going to get jumpe by some homeless dude. Jut turned up the tunes and kept on huffing along.
Emerged just past Un-dun, looked for the MELD grafitti, but didn't see it. must have been running too fast. (ha).
made it to the turn around point in good form, but feeling a bit tired in the knees. Drive on, drive on.
Walked a little at this point, from the projects to PP, then along the flat by the turn-around. Stayed along the road now, as darkness was setting in.
Bargained with myself that I would jog through town, then sprint the bridge, jog to the RR bridge, walk to the intersection, jog to the cemetary, sprint the cemetary, jog to the bottom of the hill, then sprint the rest of the way to the PO.
and that is what i did. darkness fell at P/C, and it was tough to judge the lay of the pavement. thank goodness that approaching headlights cast shadows on the hills/valleys, and i manged not to twist my ankles!
a quick cool down around the parking lot, then off to the house for a quick shower and ice.
i put ice around my left knee, which felt REALLY good. I should have done BOTH knees, but didn't. on sunday i could feel the stiffness and some pain in my right knee when ascending stairs....
lesson learned=ice.
will try to go longer next week; this coming Sunday i will be participating in the Mt. Ascutney Hill climb. 4 miles up the mtn. half on trails, half on the road. should be a HOOT!!!

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