Friday, July 31, 2009

my new toy, and our first run

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T convinced me that it would be OK for me to get a Garmin 305, so after some shopping around, i bought one through Since i saved so much $$ (almost 45%!!!) i had it shipped express, and got it last evening. A quick glance through the instruction book, and then plugged it in to charge overnight. the device only requires 3 hours to charge, but what the heck.
got up this morning, ate a bagel with creamed cheese, drank a cuppa coffee, and got ready to go. of course, as soon as i pulled into the little parking area it began to POUR. i strapped on the HRM, switched my watch to the right, and fastened the 305 to my left wrist. off i went.
the trail shoots up pretty quickly, and soon i could feel my heart trying desperately to pound its way out of my chest. a glance at the 305 read 90bpm.
really. 90. hmmmm....i smell a rat!
turns out that i had the strap too low, and the signal was false. once i fixed that, the heart rate shot right up to around 160-170-180!!! range. ah. sometimes too much information is a BAD thing....
on i ran.
rain, rain, rain.
run, run, run.
passed 6 hikers headed the other way. they were soaked, as was i, but they didn't have smiles on their faces (nor stars upon thars). all had biggie packs that had rain jackets, and wore heavy boots. i was very happy that i had chosen my Adidas for the run. they shed water very quickly, and don't get heavy or soggy when wet. I only walked a few times, and for a short distance. i had adjusted the heart rate upper limit to alarm at 160. i should have kept it at 180 because the flippin thing was CONSTANTLY alarming. (i made that change later, back at the ranch).
when i got to the shelter, the turn-around point for the day, i sucked down an espresso Clif gel-pack-gu-thing, and had a few good chugs of water. my experience with Clif Shots has been mixed. the first time was on the LT with Weeb. No worries what so ever. Felt great afterward. So i tried one again, before an afterwork run last fall. about 5 minutes into the run i began to experience severe abdominal cramps. less than 2 minutes after that i was fertilizing the forest. wow. explosive. because of that experience, i was reluctant to try it again, but though that it would be a good thing to do just the same. i brought along TP in my butt pack, so i should be ok....turns out that it wasn't a problem AT ALL.
on the return trip i didn't bother to try to side step the puddles and the mud. ran right through them. it was a blast, and the backs of my legs were covered. joy! i managed to catch and re-pass 3 hikers. the trail had become a river of mud with scattered rocks, roots, and puddles. lets say that it took 3 days for my shoes, packed with newspaper, to dry out.
all in all a great run. one thing of note, though, is that my nipples were killing me. i didn't realize it until i was in the shower, using my scrubbie (the blue one with the knot!) that i realized that they were flippin' ON FIRE! i need lamisil (sp?) NOW. but we don't have any. the pain subsided, but then came back. oh well. i think that i will use my brown under-armor shirt under my running shirt next time, and see how that goes.
alright. enough for now. thank you for tuning in.
and a HUGE thank you to T for letting me and encouraging me to do this. I love ya, babe! +1, me

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