Sunday, July 26, 2009

test posting from email

While at work, I am wondering how to post to this blog from my main google account rather than logging out from it and then back in to bhandweeb and then BACK into my real account.

All of the posts on blogger have been BOGUS, so I had to submit my own question. I wonder how long it will take for that to happen….

On the running front, I didn’t run last night. Not a step. I am in a bad mood, and in a funk, and can’t be ‘bothered’ to get out there and run. Given that, I am SO glad that I haven’t purchased the garmin yet. What a flippin waste of $$ that would be.

I think that I will concentrate on ‘cross training’ this week in the form of digging more dirt. I am seriously considering NOT participating in the ChaD half. Big time not. That is just the way I feel today. And have for quite a while, actually.


Let’s see if this works.


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