Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where is July going?

starting this on the 7th, which is (gasp) a WEEK into the month.
what about goals? i have em.
ambition? some.
desire? yes.
they just have to line up better.

ran at 2030, since the rests of the fam went to fireworks in Woodstock. Ran from the PO to glenn rd and back. iced my L knee afterward, and my R knee has been bothering me since. shoulda done that one, too. separate post for that run.

7/4 total = 8.4k
monthly total = 8.4/100

walked around DBS grounds with B-man, probably totalling a mile (1.6k). pushed the stroller up a hill, so we'll count it!

7/5 total = 1.6k
monthly total = 10/100

woke up early and ran from Datamann with Riley. easy run, didn't keep track of time.

7/6 total = 3.7k
monthly total = 13.7/100

thinking about running a race this weekend (sunday). more on that later. at work now, and have to go to the little RN's room....

peace, YO!

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  1. I love that you lay your entire week out. That's great accountability! Looks like you're doing great!