Thursday, July 16, 2009

despite the weather warning

I loaded the stroller (gotta name that thing....) and B, and off we went to do the little 2.3 miles in Wilder. Right before we left there was an announcement on TV that there is a tornado warning in effect for an area just north of us, where some of our friends live.
So we went for the run anyway. B fell asleep within 100 yards of walking, so i was left wishing that I had brought my headphones. But i did take a moment to reflect on a story that I read on another blog about a horrible accident in CA. (link to follow when i can find it again).

So i just ran up to DBS and then back to the truck. Saw 2 of the VA docs running, too. Cool.

Seth sent this picture of the aftermath. Just hail. Trees were down, too, but he didn't get any pics of that. Hmm..

Today's total=3.7k
Month to date=41.6/100

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