Saturday, July 11, 2009

pre-race jitters

even though i am participating and not competing in the race tomorrow, i am feeling a bit anxious about the whole thing.
why did i sign up for it? i mean, UP Mt. Ascutney??!! umm....yep. i haven't trained hills at all (or anything ELSE, for that matter), so what makes me think that i can survive a 4 mile run up a mtn? dunno. no guts, no glory, i guess.
that, and i will have something to write about in here.

so i am getting ready to get my stuff ready. it is 2100, i just finished a mug of weak coffee, the back yard is flooding (yes, it is raining. BIG surprise), and T, B, and M aren't home yet. just Riley and I. and sox. and raja. the other cat is under Ft. Tank.

ok, off to gather things and make ready for the AM. thanks for stopping by. full race report tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. Hey - where's the race report? I'd love to hear how you did on the hills?

    Do tell!