Tuesday, July 14, 2009

negative split!!!!

i went to logyourrun.com and mapped out what i thought to be a relatively flat 10k near home to do after work today. quick stop at home to grab my water bottle carrier, change my clothes, and say hi to T, then out to the parking spot for the run. MP3 loaded with new tunes, NUUN in one bottle, water in the other, and off I went.
Side note about the bottle carrier. LLBEAN lists it as "Double Daily Walker Pack". And a walker pack it is. waaaay too much up and down floppy-floppiness for it to be comfortable. Perhaps if i tightened the belt it would work better, but I have read reviews of other belts that left the wearer feeling uncomfortable. I will try it, but I don't have a good outlook. Also of note: mix NUUN half strength. the bubbles make me gassy, and i thought i was gonna puke after i drank it. no untoward events, though. whew. my time will come, i am sure, before the end of the summer.
Come to find out, the road ISN'T as flat as it seems. When riding in a car, it is fairly flat, except for the part right before the turn around. I expected that. What i didn't expect were the other hills. but that's ok.
Weather held overcast, and the run was uneventful. I pushed the last mile, but fell short (waaaay short) of my 48 minute goal.
Time was 50:37:39.
Out was something like 26:31
Back was actually 24:06
Good benchmark, no?
Saw 5 cyclists on the way back, which was nice.
First 5 songs of Metallica's Black album.
First 8 tracks of DJ Irene's Photosynthesis album. (Not for the 'sensitive' listener)

Daily total=10k
Month to date=37.9/100

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