Thursday, July 23, 2009

man about town

posting a day late.
decided not to run on the dreadmill yesterday, and instead headed to Wilder and the Hazen Trail. I have run that as an out and back several times, and kind of use it as a measuring stick to see how i am doing. lately my progress has been fairly flat, as my times haven't improved as much as i would like them to. i attribute this, though, to the inconsistencies on which they are run; before/after work, before/after dinner. sleep/no sleep. easy to explain slower times when there are so many variables....
today i decided to just cruise, not push too hard, and to NOT WALK on the two spots where i usually walk. let's just see what happens, eh?
the afternoon was muggy, and i was late leaving work, so i was already revved up. as I ran, i thought about Z, his grandmother, how he (Z) treats T, etc. i also thought about the upcoming half, and should i really do it or not. my legs felt light and quick. i ran up the two major inclines without much difficulty, and didn't walk. not walking the first part, by Neptune, was easy! cruised. totally felt the stride, though it wasn't all that FAST, it was consistent. i was digging it. got to the second 'walk', just beyond Uranus, and didn't feel the desire there, either. slick rocks ahead, so i had to slow a bit, but didn't walk. i felt great!

I chugged up the rise to Saturn, and turned the corner for the last stretch before the turn around. I was feeling so good that i thought i would alter my plan. if i could get there within 15 minutes, i would run out to RT5 and back to the truck along rt5 instead of returning on the hazen trail (usual route).

I made it in 14:20!!!! great, now i have to run MORE. and on pavement. ick.

so i did. ran back, only walked 3 times, for less than 100 yards total. i really didn't like it, and wished that i had just decided to do TWO loops on the Hazen. next time i will.

running on RT5 is tough because it is heavily traveled and there isn't much room on the side to run along. I managed, of course, and got back to the truck dripping wet in 43:32. 7k total, so that works out to be about 6:12 per K or 9:50 per mile. since i wasn't shooting for speed, i am not overly upset about the time. iiwii.

daily total 7k
MTD 48.6
i WILL squeeze in some longer runs soon, so that i might just make at lease 75% of my goal. i can see a 10k on saturday, prolly 5k tomorrow.

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