Saturday, January 1, 2011


move along, there's nothing to see here.
got up in our hotel with plenty of time to do a nice run. went back to sleep. got up again a little while later to do a  halfway decent run, but went back to sleep. finally got up with just enough time to squeeze in a lazy 2 mile run. route took me past an indoor climbing facility that i visited during my transition from my former life to my current life. during that time, all hell had broken loose for me. sadly, it was all my undoing. happily, i am in a better place now than i have ever been. more on that later.
this entry isn't for that.
glad i finally got up and got to get out for the run. Thank you, @janathon_ for pushing me.
 i am at my BIL's house in Maryland until tomorrow evening, so this post, like my run, is short and to the point. more like this tomorrow, with a real run and post starting Monday.
Happy New Year, everyone.
Here's to moving on from the things that anchor us to our past and to making new waves in the future!



  1. Happy New Year's, Gene. May 2011 be full of wonderful new waves. ;)

  2. Sometimes ya gotta do watcha gotta do...and that often means sleeping in :)