Wednesday, January 5, 2011

hey, treadmill. been coming here long?

yesterday, Janathon 4th, I had a date with the treadmill.
let's just keep it PG and say that there was some sweat and some creaking, but i was glad to leave after our time was over.
will i be back? oh, you bet. for at least two reasons.
1) it is Janathon
2) it is too cold outside for me to run comfortably or safely. no real sidewalks where we live, and the roads aren't in fantastic shape.
ok, so that was more than two reasons.

having a bit of fun on the 'mill lately, actually, so i am looking forward to tonight's session. i wish that there was a way that i could jot things down while i ran so that i don't forget them. bunches of ideas flow through my noggin while i run, but afterward i have a hard time recalling them. hmmm...
as an aside, did anyone else watch that train wreck last night on NBC? Lordy, what have we done? I think that there should be a show where they take an average fitness group of people and train them to do something great, like a sub 3 marathon or an IronMan. Train for a body building competition or something. Let us see average folks do great things, instead of people who have wrecked their lives being pushed through unsafe routines and instant life changes.
Of course, the DVR is set to record next week's show. Call me a "casualty vampire", but I'll still tune in.
Like last night, though, I'll likely have #fitchat going on my twitter feed. things happen so fast there, though, it is tough to multitask. totally worth it, though.

enough for now, peeps. nothing too drastic or dramatic here today. i am working on a post about cheese that i hope to have ready in time for the weekend. hint: lemons into lemonade.
peace, yo!

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  1. Cheese into nacho cheese?

    I wonder if that's the key to dealing with the treadmill ... chat to yourself. Bring a recorder along and when you have an idea, say so out loud. The people around you might wonder if your 7/10th's a nut ... but whatever.
    I hit the gym at 3 am ... you'd better believe I'm the only nut in there at that hour anyway.