Monday, January 17, 2011

angry birds

have you seen this? if not, have you heard about it? i wish that i had had the opportunity to try this app before i got my smart-phone. it would have saved me some hassle. why?
well around 1030 last night i downloaded the Angry Birds app to my phone. I finally went to bed around 1am. when i got up this morning, i went straight back into it.
so for the most part i have been sucked in for going on 9 hours. if i had know this about A/B, i never would have  downloaded the app.
as far as my lung goes, it is on the mend. last night was the worst night so far, and this morning was especially horrible. the coughing produced some really odd sounds and feelings from my chest that i have never heard or felt before, and will be thankful if i never do again.
sitting around is not for me. i am going stir crazy, and have become very intolerant of people. excuse me, did you just blink? i thought i could hear you. turn it down, will you?
teens are driving me nuts.
youngest is getting on my nerves.
we reap what we sow, and harvest time is right around the corner.
very glad that i have had Angry Birds, actually, because it has helped me not be as much of an Angry Dad.
Click here to watch the video
hopefully by week's end i will be able to do some running, even if it is just for short periods and distances.
another interesting thing that happened today was an international discussion on the correct way to pronounce "scone". How would you pronounce it? Rhyme it in the comments. This could be good.........
Make it a great week!


  1. Its a killer angry bird, DO NOT download doodle jump or gears as there 2 addictive games!.

    Hope you get out by the end of the week

  2. I haven't seen my iPhone since showing Shaun Angry Birds on it a few months ago!

  3. scone rhymes cone. Glad i dont have the ability to play angry birds. I have a hard enough time avoiding cityville on facebook.

  4. Jamoosh! thanks. i feel better now.

    Marts2smooth, i will not pay any attention to what you said. ever. (jots down names on hand)

    jogblog...sounds like Shaun's going to have to worry about Angry Cathy, not Angry Birds....

    James...that's what i thought, too, but I have been 'corrected', shall we say (but i will most likely not change the way i say it...) i heard about cityville from my wife...i avoided farmville, so i think i am safe..

  5. When I first saw people tweeting about Angry Birds, I thought here was some type of bird epidemic problem. And now I have this image in my head of you screaming and freaking out on your teens. ahahahaa! stop that. Only I'm allowed to use that parenting strategy.

  6. havent tried angry birds. please plese please dont mention it to my hubs, he has serious game addiction issues. I swear he thinks he is actually IN the mafia and is a farmer (mafiawars/farmville).

    I'm with you-scone/cone/bone/phone/moan/loan

  7. So sorry to hear you're under the weather. hope you get well and out again soon...

    I have been deliberately avoiding Angry Birds in any form - I remember how MobWars took me over for a good while...

    Take care, Gene,

    Jules (@2011miles)