Thursday, January 13, 2011


i haven't run or done anything since tuesday. i started to feel sick, and yesterday some obnoxious infestation took up residence in my head and bronchial trees. i am not happy about it, and told the little buggers that the space was intentionally left blank. They would have none of my reasoning, claimed squatter's rights, gave me the finger, and invited their friends over to play.
I took a hand full of pretty colored gel cap meds that i found in the bathroom closet (no PMS for me!) drank a bottle of water to wash them down and went to bed early. i slept most of the way through the night, but woke up to find that someone (probably the pranksters in my chest) replaced my tongue with a dried up sponge. i glanced in the mirror (well, after i hobbled to the bathroom, there are no mirrors in the bedroom) to check to see if they had used a sharpie on my face, which they hadn't. whew.
popped some more pills, ate a yogurt, and went back to bed.
i've been here most of the day, venturing out only for short periods. it is starting to feel good to be vertical again, and the coughing has subsided. i haven't taken any daytime meds, but will take more as soon as the sun goes down.
i missed #sfcfit chat on twitter last night, but don't want to miss the one hosted by @mizfitonline tonight. i will be well enough by then. that is my afternoon's mantra.
so, fellow Janathoners, what aspect of janathon do you find most daunting? the running or the blogging?


  1. Hope you get to feeling better!!!!

    Most daunting... so far so good, well except that knee deep snow I trudged through up hill for a mile yesterday!

  2. Exactly what I've been dreading, especially as the offspring has been off school for the week and is laid up on the couch. That would really put a spanner in the works for Janathon.

    I hope you are starting to feel better soon. Dose yourself up with something revitalising.

  3. Get well soon. The most daunting thing about Jthon is trying to write comments on non-Wordpress blogs.

    Loving your work!

  4. WEll im new to blogging so i'll say that, Ive been running for a few years now! :)

    Get well soon!

  5. hope you're feeling better soon...if not NOW! "running" everyday is the hard part for me. i could write all day if in had the time! cheers.