Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Comic relief.

ran this afternoon on the treadmill. nothing exciting happened to ME while I was there, but the dude next to and slightly ahead of me to my left? yea. I think he'll have a bruise in the morning....
you see, he was cruising along at around 5.4 miles per hour. headphones on, still in his work clothes (pants and golf-type shirt), minding his own business. he stands about 6'2", weighs in probably around 220lbs.
one of his buddies was walking by the window (floor to ceiling), and decided to knock and mock him.
not only did dreadmill guy wave back, but in the process, he somehow slapped the emergency stop button. ever wonder what would happen if suddenly your gym lost power and all of the treadmills suddenly stopped? i saw it happen tonight.
and it wasn't pretty.
imagine running along, not a care in the world, when suddenly a WALL appears from nowhere and you have no choice but to smack into it. yea, it was like that. he ran straight into the panel of the treadmill going 5.4 mph. BAM!! i tried REALLY, REALLY hard not to laugh, mostly for fear that i would go sailing out the back of my rubber band of doom and get pinned between the sander belt and the wall. but of course, i didn't laugh. out loud.
he was fine, yada yada, and kept running. kudos.

i didn't laugh then, but i thought for sure that i was gonna pee when i was telling the story to Z on our way to bball practice. holy. flippin. COW that was funny stuff. i really hope that it never happens to me (again). What? yes, i went sailing off the back of a 'mill a buncha years ago. big fat hairy deal. but this guy? YOWZA that was a RIOT!

and so ends Janathon day 5. 4 miler of hills on the mill. max incline 7%. good times.


  1. OMG. That is hilarious! (But only because it didn't happen to me...or you.)

  2. That really is hilarious! I've always wanted to see this happen to someone, however, I don't want karma to kick in and send me flying off the 'mill!

  3. Yeah, that's gonna leave a mark. See, this only plays into my fear of dreadmills. Good Lord! :-P Great job of the run, though!

  4. I am sure something bad happens if you laugh out loud.

  5. Two funniest things in the world (assuming nobody got hurt) is falls and getting hit when nobody saw it coming. So if he wasnt hurt this is pure comedic gold!

    I would have gone into cardiac arrest most likely.

  6. I have at times actually wondered that very question, what would happen if I hit the emergency button. And now, it seems, I know. Sounds horrid. Mental note, must *not* do that to myself.

  7. I don't know how you didn't crack up, I've would have been dying laughing. I'm horrible like that though. Just for the record, when I fall I laugh my butt off too.