Monday, January 3, 2011

a day late. travel complete

yesterday, Janathon 2nd, saw me running around Timonium, MD, at around 730 am. All 5 of us stayed in a small, dry, kinda musty smelling hotel room. I didn't get much sleep, as i was fending off Bryce's karate kicks and other nonsense while he slept. What is it with little kids and being so flippin MOBILE whilst they slumber? I swear that kid does a 5k in his sleep every night. At this rate, he should be ready to set a new WR by the time he reaches 2nd grade. intervals, baby, intervals. this is where we stayed. i give it 2 stars.
I ran around a block that was largely industrial, with a shopping center thrown in for good measure. Since the rest of the room wasn't planning on getting up until close to 9, i figured that i had quite a bit of time to get in a decent run, even if it was at a reduced pace. Mother Nature had other plans, though. Since I was raised to respect my Mom (and ipso-facto (?)) ALL Mothers, I took heed and finished my run at 3.1 miles. For some reason, now that I reflect, 5k seems to be a magic distance for me. I hope that this is only temporary, because I have many more K's to go to reach my goal for this year....more on that later.
I ran the 5k with around a 9 min/mile pace, which was  a bit slower than i'd like, but the last mile or so was spent clenching my cheeks. Finally, at 3.1, i could barely stand up straight, let alone run. oh, look, a dark, abandoned parking lot with lots of bushes.....
and then i walked back to the hotel, about 0.06 miles. Janathon 2nd in the books.
Today I will most likely run #3 on a treadmill, since local temps are expected to stay in the low 30's to high 20's.

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