Friday, January 21, 2011

"Begin with the end in mind." Steven Covey

As you know, I have been ill and not able to run. Others at home are sick, too, so time for the computer has been pushed aside in favour of taking care of each other at home. I much prefer that, anyway.

I did, however, write a short article for the Wellness Page on our hospital's intranet. Please allow me to share it with you, too:
New Year, New YOU!
Let's take some time to think about what it is we want from ourselves this year, specifically in terms of WELLNESS. I don't mean just physical fitness, but overall wellness. Mind, body, soul...that sort of thing.
As with any journey, I believe that it is important to 'begin with the end in mind' (S. Covey) before you actually DO anything. What do I mean? Let's take a simple approach: when you go on a trip, you don't just jump in the car and go, right? It may seem like it, especially when just going to town to get vittles, but it isn't really as simple as get in the car and go: you need a destination first. otherwise you'll just wander around town. who knows, chance are that you might come home with the right stuff, but there's a good (better) chance that you won't.
When you decide to go on vacation, how often have you just gone to the airport with a suitcase and picked a random flight? You first think something like, "man, i could use a vacation, " and you do some research, talk to friends, find a place you'd like to go. (begin with the end in mind). Then you make flight arrangements, buy the right clothes, find someone to watch the dog while you go, and begin your journey. Things might try to trip you up on the way (no one can watch your dog, flight delays, etc.) but you don't give up on the goal. You adapt, you overcome, and you GET THERE.
And your life is better because of it. You accomplished something that you wanted, you feel rejuvinated because of it, it renews your sense that you CAN get things done that you want to get done, and you are ready to face the world again, and of course set new vacation goals.
The same things apply to wellness. I'll give you some time to think about this approach, and then next week i'll write a bit about laying the ground work to help ensure success. Hit me up in the comments!
Be well, Gene.
I hope that this weekend finds all of your long runs to be just tough enough to remind you that they are long runs, but not so tough that you can't walk after. remember, peak for performance, not for training.



  1. Covey should sell these inspirational messages on small rocks or posters or t-shirts or something.

  2. Nice piece of writing. Very true. Hope you and those around you feel better soon.

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