Monday, January 31, 2011

Janathon, 'sorted'.

See how i worked in that new vocabulary word? shaZAM!
I started the month doing fairly well, at least better than Juneathon. Thennn I got pneumonia. Those buggers residing in my right lower lung kicked my butt. for nearly 3 weeks i was breathing underwater. through a very, very tiny straw. like those stir sticks you get with your fru-fru drinks. (yes, Adam, i mean you.)
then last sunday (not yesterday. the other one) i was suddenly clear. amazing. i love the human body.
anyway, last week i ran a nice, slow coupla miles. i didn't count them anywhere, but i got through them.
i had planned to run over the weekend, but they got put aside in favor of a few other things. and i was mostly ok with that. lemons into lemonade, right? right.
but today i was determined to do SOMETHING on the last day of Janathon. the Higdon schedule that I am considering following called for cross training today, but I really didn't feel like that. I wanted to RUN!
so i did.
earlier in the day Cathy, the wonderful maiden behind Janathon, let me know that both she and I had 22 miles for the month. I sent her a message that I would do 4.2 to make it a full marathon in 31 days. i know. wow, right? well, it is just kinda fun in a dumb kinda way. don't judge me, but i did a marathon, and it took me a MONTH. 31 days, too, not some wimpy February 28 day month. nope. the BIG ONE. 31 days.
but it has made me think of other goals. and other things. like cheese (foreshadowing. Auntie Boo, if you are reading this......). i also played a lot of 'go fish' and 'war' with Bryce. got to enjoy some bball games, and 'rescued' Mike when my truck left him stranded (oops).

even though i didn't run every day, or blog every day, Janathon provided me with new online friends, expanded my vocabulary, and has made me think about many things. so i count that as a WIN.
Thank you, Cathy, and all of the other JANATHONERS. (aren't you glad i didn't say, "fankoo"?)