Friday, January 7, 2011

is it only the 6th?

Lost: mojo
Last Seen: December, 2010
Area: Visions of Janathon
Reward: my everlasting thanks 

A few nights ago i participated in #SFCFIT chat on Twitter. It was great. Positive vibes all around, helpful fitness tips being tossed back and forth; collegiality. I loved it.
Annnnd I'm spent.
At work yesterday things just didn't seem to fall into place. I got through my projects, but found that I was playing Devil's Advocate much more often and with much more enthusiasm than was probably necessary. Not a good sign. So i tried to spend some time alone to regroup, but that didn't work, either. I became consumed with guilt that i was 'just sitting around' in the cafeteria. Little did anyone know the turmoil going on in my head. I have a history of keeping things inside, which i am working on not doing anymore, and i can feel myself slipping back into that mode. I don't like it there, but I am comfortable there. Does that make sense to anyone other than me?
So today is going to be a turn around day.
I will not wallow in troubles from the past.
I will not place high expectations on others.
I will focus on the positive in every situation.
I will allow myself some 'wiggle room'.
I will relocate my mojo and put it to good use.
I will spread positive energy into every situation I face today.

Seems reasonable, doesn't it? Matt Long, who many of you have read or heard about, is getting together a foundation to do something. Exactly what that is, I dunno. BUT....the website has a static display page on it right now that I have been trying hard to incorporate into my mantras lately. For quite a while it was the wallpaper on my computer at work. You can see it here: .
As far as Janathon goes, I walked yesterday. I didn't run. I walked about 2 miles within the hospital. seriously. it is just about .25 miles from my office to the cafeteria. (and the ER, and medical services offices, etc.).
Today I will be bringing my TRX to work since my office mate doesn't work on Fridays. I will also be running after work. Or before. It is not even 430 now. I have been awake since 2.

Happy Friday!!!

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