Sunday, January 9, 2011

FYTO5K and Janathon

This is what happens when worlds collide...
Ok, not really as dramatic as all that. Not even close. But it is a line from one of my favourite songs, so what the hey.
Yesterday, Saturday, was the Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K virtual race, hosted by Adam. I didn't get out the door to do it during daylight hours, so i went out at night. I had been told that there was some game on TV involving small horses from Indianapolis, and decided to go while they were playing. Wise choice.
I gathered my gear:
I got all of my clothes on, filled a water bottle, and sampled a Banana Strawberry GU. Bryce tried a dollop, too. His comment was, "Dad, when i get older, you can get me some of this for my birthday." Ok, little man, Ok.
I re-checked the race information just to be sure that I was going on the right day, or that i had enough time left in the day, to get this 5k done. I had been reading tweets all day from other participants, and their times were coming in around 15-20 minutes faster than my predicted time.
But that's ok, right? My only competition is ME (and Mother Nature, in this case). NeilZee raced in the arctic tundra near Calgary, barefoot, so I should be able to tackle this.
When I got to the designated parking area, I was a bit nervous; it was eerily empty:

Hmm....well, i paid my fee, so i ran. I love this trail. I have been on it many, many times, in most kinds of weather, since i discovered it a few years ago. I've taken Bryce on it, Tracey, Zach for a little bit, and Riley. I know pretty much every turn, every up and down. I can anticipate where I can rest a bit, and where i just need to push it and get over the top.

That mostly changed last night. The cold air sapped my lungs. The inadequate amounts of energy that I had consumed through the day left me a bit flat. But I ran on.
I lost the trail a few times, but was able to get back on without too much trouble. Others had left foot prints all around, so it was easy to get side tracked. A good adventure, to be sure. Even with a few signs along the way, it was still interesting. One of my favourite things about running at night in the woods is that your head lamp forces you to focus. All you can see is what is illuminated by your light. Beautiful.
At the turn around point I sent a text message to Tracey to let her know that I had made it half way, and then trudged back up the hill that I had just caromed down. THAT wasn't fun.

Near the beginning/end, there is a section of trail that goes through a tunnel of evergreens. I love that part of the trail, and last night was no let down. I had to duck as I ran to avoid knocking the freshly fallen snow down my back.
When i got back to the truck, i checked my time, and I was very happy with the result. Not the fastest time I have run this trail, but certainly the best I've done at night in winter. I may have to try to improve this as the season progresses. I leave you with some pics. Have a Great Sunday, and get ready for a FANTASTIC WEEK!!

OH! I almost forgot. This race was billed as a CLOTHING OPTIONAL event. I understand that there was a group who was surprised when one of their...umm...members showed up nude. Or maybe not. I can't be sure. Anyway, here is my obligatory nude photo from the race. You have been warned....


  1. wow.
    Im frickin' freezing (please to read like Dr Evil)just READING THAT!

  2. I can't believe you posted a picture of uranus for the world to see! ;-).

    Congrats on your race :-).

  3. Nice run! Probably more hardcore than me, I wouldn't have done it alone in the dark...

  4. Bahahahahah love the race recap! You are seriously hard core! I don't think I'd venture out on trails, snowy trails at that, at night!

  5. Sorry I'm just now commenting on this....

    LOVE'd the Uranus picture. you know me far too well.

    Oh, and good running too