Saturday, January 8, 2011

sorry, gotta run.

yesterday i was really hoping to crank out a nice steady 8 miles on the mill after work. just felt like i 'needed' some time to clear my head. for various reasons i was not able to have the time window that i require for 8 miles (say, 3 hours...heh heh heh), so i stormed around my office shaking my fist in rage had to readjust my wishes for the evening. I tweeted:
"wanted to run for an hour or more tonight, but my window has been reduced to only 25 minutes. bag it or do it anyway? "
tick-tock, tick-tock...would anyone answer? would 'they' let me off the hook? I actually didn't have to wait long:

  said this:
"@ do it anyway."

dang it!
around 5 of 4 i got changed and then headed downstairs right at 4. if i didn't have an office mate, i would do this every day. but she is a clock watcher, so no sneaking out early for me! (she doesn't work on Fridays, so....) Anyway, I got down there and the place was empty. before i got to the dreadmills, though, another RN came in. she works on the machines in her street clothes nearly every day. i think that she catches a bus because she is always in and out before 420. very happy for her that she is consistent about utilizing her time well. i should take note.
I pulled up a track from AudioFuel that i've had kicking around my mp3 player since last summer. It is a BETA version of an interval workout that goes like this:
5 minute warm up at 150 bpm.
30 seconds at 190 (bpm) (managable. feels good to stretch it out. mill speed at 9mph)
60 sec at 150
45 sec at 194 (hmm. a bit different than 190. i expected less of a difference. mill at 9.4)

60 sec at 150 (ah. can i make it 90 seconds? no? ok. fine.)
60 sec at 196 (ummm...WHAT? can my legs keep up? getting strange looks from that other RN. mill at 9.6)

60 sec at 150 (annnd JUMP! onto the rails. whew. ahhh...pause mp3. i'll get my extra 15 seconds while the mill slows. the big one is next. yes, yes, i hear you, AudioFuel. "get ready." fine. i'm ready. LEMME HAVE IT!)

75 sec at 200 (mill set at 10. i swear i smelled smoke. maybe it was my legs, as i didn't use body glide. i dunno. anyway, the mill is humming along, i am running fast, concentrating on a spot on the wall across the room so i don't look away and break stride and then fall and then get stuck between the (WHAT??? it has only been 15 seconds????) wall and the mill going at 10 FREAKISH mph and have all my skin sanded off of my body. okokokok. yes, yes, take deep breaths, yes, yes....wait, what did he just say? "This is what the world looks like at 200 bpm"? ummm....from where i stand, it looks the same as it did at 150, or even 10 bpm. holy crap. i don't think i can hang on much longer here but i have to do this i want to do this this is pretty cool i don't think that i could have done this 2 years ago. WHAT? HALF WAY THERE???? DARN YOU AUDIOFUEL! I am SO greatful to have been given this BETA track.....why is the RN walking toward the emergency phone while keeping here eyes on me? "That's the top of the pyramid, sorted." comes the voice in my ears.


so i made it to the top. wow. yes, i still had the way down to go, but it all seemed so easy. (not really)
quite a great workout, and it was done in about 25 minutes. this morning i can still feel it in the tops of my thighs and in my hips. feels good to stretch out my stride. i tend to get lazy on the mill. 

will be running in the FYTO5K this afternoon, or tonight. I have a nice woodsy trail all picked out. Freshly fallen snow should lure the snowshoers who will (i hope) pack the trail down nicely. it has been billed as 'clothing optional', but unless i can find some chipmunks who can work a camera, there will be NO race photos...


  1. I did that Pyramid track a few weeks ago, bloody knackering but time I'll go down the other side as well! Here's to next week :-)

  2. Good job on the mill, I would have skipped it because I'm lazy and a slacker and I hate the mill. Maybe I should start getting twitter to guilt me into doing my workouts, LOL.